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07 - Problem of association of a SmartPEBBLE to a Mesh lighting system

The SmartPEBBLE in its factory version is not compatible with Bluetooth Mesh lamps and remains "locked".

We have therefore integrated a feature to unlock the SmartPEBBLE in our application:

  • First make sure that your Bluetooth Mesh lamp is up to date via the "Updates" menu. If it is not, update it.
  • Once the update is complete, leave the lamp on and stay within range with your phone. Then go to the "Settings" section of the application, then "Unlock my SmartPEBBLE".
  • You should be able to click on the "Unlock" button. Click it, then touch your SmartPEBBLE to make it flash. Wait until the unlocking process is complete.

Your SmartPEBBLE is now ready to be added to the application to update it and make it compatible with the Mesh range of light bulbs.

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  • 19-Fév-2020