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01 - What are the benefits of AwoX connected light?

The connected light of AwoX aims to improve the comfort of use of its private lighting by allowing to:

  • remotely control its lighting via a smartphone / tablet or a remote control / Bluetooth switch
  • be able to configure your light according to your desire
    • adjusting the intensity and temperature of the blank
    • Color adjustment according to the moment and the desired lighting environment
  • be able to group the lighting in zone independently of the electrical wiring in order to control in a single gesture several luminaries
  • be able to program the waking of its lighting or to synchronize it on the played music
  • keep an easy installation and use with Bluetooth technology directly compatible with all smartphones and tablets on the market, unlike other technologies (Zigbee or Z-wave) that require the addition of an expensive gateway and complicated to configure.
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  • 14-Fév-2019