01 - I can not pair my Mesh bulb to my SmartCONTROL app.

  • Is your bulb lit red when you unpack?
    If this is not the case: An electrical reset of the bulb is necessary
    If it is red:
    Your light bulb is not visible from "My devices" / "+"
    A page proposing the addition of a remote control was displayed while you were on the screen my devices, while you do not have a remote control? In this case, an electrical reset of the bulb is necessary.
    Do you have an associated remote control? Add the remote via the menu "My controllers", you will be offered to add the bulb during the installation wizard of the remote control.
    Your light bulb is visible from "My devices" / "+", but on the first page of the installation wizard, the control button never appears.
    Are you on Android 7? If so, try using an Android phone or tablet with a bone less than 7, or iOs. Once connected, update the proposed bulb (which fixes a compatibility problem with Anroid7). You can then use it with your 1st phone or tablet.
    For any other case, please contact support.



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  • 14-Fév-2019