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07-How to re-initialize the Bluetooth service of my Android phone / tablet?
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Method 1: Restart the Bluetooth connection

It often happens that you have successfully connected to a Bluetooth device, but have some small problems such as a bad connection. In this situation, you can turn Bluetooth ON or OFF.

To do this, click on the Bluetooth icon in the quick settings of your device or from Settings> Bluetooth, then enable / disable it.

You can try this method for a few seconds and see if a possible improvement of the Bluetooth connection has been found.


Method 2: Clearing the Bluetooth application cache

Clearing the Bluetooth cache can solve many problems.

To clear the Bluetooth application cache, follow the steps below:

  1.     First, go to Phone Settings> Applications and Notifications> Application Information
  2.     After that, click on the 3-point overflow menu and press Show.
  3.     Now scroll down and click on "Bluetooth".
  4.     Here, press "Storage" and select "Clear Cache".
  5.     Activate the phone's Bluetooth service by double-clicking the icon in the quick settings.

Turn your light bulb off and then on electrically.


Method 3: Restart your device

Try to reboot your device every time you encounter such a problem.

This may solve the problem as several factors can lead to such undesirable circumstances.

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