How to install my CamLIGHT ?

Complete process from start :

  1. Power on the CamLIGHT
  2. Launch smartphone app
  3. Log in if necessary
  4. Click "add" on top right
  5. Scan or enter camera ID
  6. Click "wifi configuration"
  7. Choose wanted network
  8. Enter network password
  9. Keep camera button pressed for 10 seconds, until red LED blinks quickly
  10. Show smartphone screen (with QR code) to the camera lens (15 to 30 cm), until red LED state changes. You should hear a first audio message : "connection in progress" , then a second audio message later : "connection success"
  11. Click on "done"The CamLIGHT will appear "online" in the app after a few seconds.
  12. Click on "submit"
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  • 28-Jan-2019